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Training Classes

Whether you're new to the world of recreational shooting, looking to sharpen your skills, or looking to qualify for your concealed carry permit, you can find all the instruction you need and more at Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply. Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors will help you learn everything you need to know to enjoy shooting safely.

NRA basic pistol class

This is the class for you if you're a beginner to intermediate shooter wanting formal education on proper firearm handling. This class will also meet the state requirements for obtaining your concealed carry permit.


The class will teach you the right attitude necessary to own a firearm, the 3 primary rules of gun safety, proper gun handling, firearm and ammunition storage and cleaning, and the fundamentals of good marksmanship. It will also cover the basic moral and legal issues surrounding the use of deadly in defense of person and property.


This class is an 8 hour class running all day on Sundays or two evening sessions, 4 hours each, classes are held monthly, call for schedule. Everything you need is included: manual, guns, ammo, eye and ear protection, range time, etc. We take a break for lunch off-site. The cost for the class is $135 per person.

Ladies-only NRA basic pistol class

This class covers the same material as our co-ed basic pistol class but is taught in a smaller class size and is tailored specifically to women. Your primary instructor will be a woman, it is taught in two evening sessions, 4 hours each, generally a week apart. Cost is $125/person.

Let the helpful experts in-store help you find the gun, accessory, or training class that's just right for you!

Call to learn more about the classes.


Double Tap Shooting Academy teaches the NRA basic pistol class as well as NRA personal protection in the home and tactical pistol classes. Call John Harrell for more information or to reserve a place in a class at 970-402-2749.


Foothills Firearms Training teaches the NRA basic pistol class and the Ladies-only class. They primarily each in the evening, both large and small classes, additional training on request. For more information and to reserve your spot call Luke at 970-222-1284 or Erica at 970-290-9299.


Basic pistol, concealed carry, tactical pistol, rifle, or shotgun classes are taught by Jim Torrez and are available in one-on-one or larger group settings. Contact him at 970-581-8503 or visit for more information.


Concealed Carry Certification for intermediate shooters is available one-on-one or in a small group setting. Call Mike Tomasini at 970-218-0381.


NRA basic pistol and concealed carry classes are taught one-on-one or in a small group by Bill Flynn. Call him for more information at 970-225-2459.


NRA basic pistol and concealed carry classes, taught one-on-one or to a small group, are led by Jeff Hall. Call 970-227-8605.

Instructors and the classes they teach

Target NRA Certified Instructor Classroom